Day 2 – 2011

We begin each Sunday morning at the Farmer’s Market at Cooper Center here in Volcano. It was quiet this morning and a lot of the vendors took the day off, but I was able to get beautiful organic carrots and kale. One of my favorite flowers that love this climate is the cymbidium. You can get them for $2.00 a stem up here.

Cymbidium beauty

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  1. Ginge said:

    Missing you. Susan showed me how to download all the photos from my phone. There’s over 400. I made them into a slide show screen saver and have been enjoying the last year and a half. Volcanoites and Hiloites came up several times…you, Murph, Vicki, Don, Karen, Tom, fern shoots, volcano steam,fire in the fireplace, `ohia, indigo dying. It’s a beautiful wordless journal and a wonderful surprise to be reminded how rich and blessed my life is. Happy New Year and Many Many Blessings!

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