Amazing Adventure site: Canyon Chronicles

I wanted to share this amazing site : The Canyon Chronicles by Eric Leifer. Visit his site to see photographs of hidden places in Hawaii, Arizona, Colorado. He and friends are discovering new locations deep in valleys. I’m especially in awe of the locations in Hawaii. I see them from afar – from airplanes, sometimes roads, sometimes from boats. I knew they were there. His photographs and stories take you there. This link is specific to his Hawaii section:

I took a screen shot from his site showing a few of the locations – unfamiliar locations (at least to me). He describes them in greater detail accompanied by photos and wonderful photographs. There isn’t a way to share his images without stealing from his site…believe me, it’s worth a visit.

I love this from his about page:

“I prefer stars over roofs.  I seek perspective over possessions.  I choose love over hate.  I crave space over cities.  I value time over money.  I drink whiskey over wine.  I build bridges over boundaries.  I watch sunsets over television.  I see hope through the darkness.  I find comfort in unease.  I wander to get lost.  I get lost to be found.  I accept truth over perception.  I create a path beyond fate.  I take less than I need.  I seek what I doubt.  I am more than I know.  I know far less than I think.”

Eric Leifer

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 1.00.43 PMThank you, Christian James for sharing this on Facebook.


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